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  my dad was a lifetime member of the american federation of musicians local 47. health insurance through the union is awarded based on meeting a minimum number of union hours worked or union dollars earned the previous fiscal year. some of you may already be ahead of me here: when he fell ill with […]


  as promised, i’m here to release two of the projects which have occupied me intensely for the last month, as well as on and off since 2010. they’re on bandcamp and youtube for now, and ‘salt flat rock love’ will be available everywhere you buy digital music soon.  getting these recorded and released is […]


  hey y’all. i’m out on the road with TohKay at the moment, and have been for a couple weeks, which is a blast. if you’re on the west coast and like folksy stuff and/or me, maybe give us a listen? before leaving for this tour, i spent a lot of time in recording studios, […]

re: future music

  to listen to while you read. or whenever else. the distant past: a middle-class mirrormaker gives up on using polished metal to capture holy light reflected from religious relics and retools a wine press, going into considerable debt to, for the first time, print words. Gutenberg’s invention embroils him in a lawsuit with a […]

student responses

  hey all, there’s a great deal of turmoil in the news presently–the grease fire that is the 2016 us presidential election, heartbreaking shootings of police in dallas and baton rouge, spiritbreaking shootings of civilians by police in minnesota and louisiana (the former pulled over for having a ‘wide nose,’ and the latter for selling […]


  it’s been a surprise productive day in the desert heat. plenty of time to make things if/when you’re not sweated into a couch. this is a different facet than typically makes it here–let me know how it strikes you. cheers.  

Straight No Chaser

  i have a new hi-hat cymbal, and we’re learning how one another behaves.   hope you’re well.

america the beautiful

  happy election, y’all.

album announcements

  hello fellow travelers, i’ve just had a master’s recital of my original music at the university of nevada, las vegas, and as i parse the recordings, we may talk more about it here. i wrote some challenging music, and the bands all really stepped up. chord four came out to play, and i makes […]


  hello music fans. here’s a thing i’ve done. i hope you enjoy it.