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re: future music

  to listen to while you read. or whenever else. the distant past: a middle-class mirrormaker gives up on using polished metal to capture holy light reflected from religious relics and retools a wine press, going into considerable debt to, for the first time, print words. Gutenberg’s invention embroils him in a lawsuit with a […]


  often in musicland we see or hear of someone trashed for what is usually described as a lack of professionalism. this happens also in administration or business enterprises, and indeed i have been both victim and victimizer. we are made to think that professionalism–the quality of being a professional–is a byword for equanimity, comity, […]

sports are a way to win at art

1: they’re both kind of useless if we put aside the psychological and physiological good the arts engender across history and culture (what we in america like to think of as the stuff getting in the way of progress), and the economic good the arts engender despite being actively discouraged (in 2011 art made up […]

notations, dreams, concertos, drumstrings

howdy, and welcome to 2014. here’s a few things that are perhaps not substantive enough to be their own posts but that are funny or interesting enough to me to post. Drumset notation primer the drumset is about a hundred years old now, and it’s a quintessentially american instrument: toms are a hybrid from china, […]

dos videos, y some shows

  heya, last week i forgot to post that weeks ‘other drum solo’ for you, so it’s at the bottom of this post. here’s this weeks video.   in other news, i have a show coming up on august 11th at boston court, with otto ehling, carter wallace, and adam ratner, joined on vocals by […]

what if it sounded like

  here’s photos of 7 out of 15 pieces displayed at the long beach soundwalk. the pictures were taken alternately by sasha swedlund and peter woodford. sasha also fabricated the pieces from my specifications, because i’m a printing lab dunce, and installed them, because i was on tour. many thanks to sasha. they were placed […]

sick afrobeat(s)

sick as a dog, running on three hours of sleep, tea, ricola, and a long shower, i’m off for the second day of recording ‘Sogo Takeover,’ an afrobeat ensemble. could be way worse: the engineer (john baffa) really knows his stuff, the set-up in the room is cool, the dudes in the band are super […]

the first post

hey look i made a webpage! thank you for coming; its making me grin all silly. this is the inaugural post. kind of. to celebrate, i have some free music for you to gander through your earballs. little improvised music for flowerpots. they were finnish flower pots–the accent doesn’t bother me though. this is the […]

digitization in progress

mr wordpress is helping me address you digitally, because analog-ally was…not digital enough. i’ll be bringing in stuff i do and stuff i like, which often overlap, and probably talking either too little or too much. thanks in kind.