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40-odd ways of looking at snow 4

just completed day three of this phase of the project. lending me their talents were: jim foschia (once and future teacher, current employer and sensei), jon armstrong, cassia streb, lauren baba, and carter wallace. it’s been very rewarding so far; every piece has sounded better under these players’ capable hands than in my culpable ears. […]

40-odd ways of looking at snow 3

  day two done. this is gonna be really neat. i’m excited to show you. today we captured: daniel shifren, adam ratner, michael mull, steven blum, otto ehling, louis lopez, andrew conrad, and chris kallmyer. my dad peter woodford engineered the sessions, and more than rose to the awful challenge of 19 2-minute solo pieces […]

40-odd ways of looking at snow 2

day one done. i have talented friends. thanks to brendan carn, dave tranchina, jake rosenzweig, brandon schmidt, richard valitutto, cathlene pineda, michael lockwood, and matty harris. music was made, food and drink were had. success.

40-odd ways of looking at snow 1

tomorrow i begin documenting the musical abuse of some 42 talented friends. i was very fortunate to do a month-long artist residency in Hameenkyrö, Finland, through Arteles. among the projects i worked on there was one i’m now calling ’40-odd ways of looking at snow.’ the project was to write at least one piece less […]