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the final drum solo; cymbals; how a gig went

  hi there. my friend brandon sherman is in town, and we’re rehearsing music for the next chord four record. excite. also, his wife knit (or crocheted…?) slippers for our house. more excite. last week i had a show that you can read about here. it was a lot of fun–it was very well attended, […]

gig at boston court, another other drum solo

hi folks, tomorrow night is the gig with the above band, at the above venue, for the jazz bakery. click here for the bakery’s site with more information. i’ve just come from a rehearsal for this show, and it’ll be a real good time. please come if you haven’t somewhere else to be. here is […]

ODS 6, housekeepingish

  hi again, i forgot to tell you about a gig last night at zanzibar in santa monica with the sogo takeover, a part of their ‘afro funke’ series. there was a really solid crowd, and three audience-requested encores broke our previous record of two. i’ll work on that. apparently someone from the local npr […]

ods 5 – an afrobeat remix of john cage

    john cage would probably hate this. so might tony allen. not sure about ms knowles.   click the ‘other drum solos’ category to your right to see more. share if you like them. thanks.

whimsy, ods 4

  i’m not infrequently told my music has a sense of humor, and i’m never sure how to take that: there are loads of pieces i find funny simply because they take themselves so seriously (most of lizst, most gospel, the false modesty of most mainstream country, the false immodesty of most mainstream hiphop), there […]

ods ep3,

  hi, i have to run, but here’s a piece i’ve been working up. i hope you like it. if you do, tell your friends.    

ODS episode 2, free kerd ferr ep

  part 2 in a series of tiny video solos. please share if you like it. thanks. nailed it. i’m interested in how these will fare in all the hyper-masculine drum tutorial/cover/chops worship areas of the youtubes.   also, please consider downloading chord fours new ep, ‘nothing everywhere.’ you can get it for free here. […]

i’m back, now with more video

  first and foremost, i haven’t forgotten about you. i’ve been both busy and lazy, but i haven’t forgotten. announcing ‘Other Drum Solos,’ a small series of small drum solo videos, to be released on the weekly. here’s the first of them, using a little machine i got as a gift from my parents. video […]