Monthly Archives: May 2011

pickled ginger 1

  this is the first in a series of pieces no longer than 10 seconds meant to function exactly the same as pickled ginger in a sushi meal–a palette cleanser.  these came from a conversation with andrew conrad over cheap sushi in san francisco. i’ll be putting one up here every couple days until they’re […]

extra-introspective weiner

  i’m a great fan of the text artist lawrence weiner. i stumbled into his work by sheer luck one rainy night in new york. it was my second year of college, and i did a lot of solo museum trips–i walk slowly and think longly. i went to the whitney on one of their […]

tour recap

loyal followers, which is to say, close friends and family, will be aware i’ve just gotten off a mini-tour with chord four. it was a blast. we’re lucky to have met some very nice people, and flirted with small record labels, belly dancers, and alcohol poisoning. not really. but really. but not really. we played […]

it’s all rhythm 1

  if you’ve taken music lessons or had a too-talkative musician friend, you’ve probably heard said, ‘it’s all rhythm,’ or one of a few possible variations. for me, when I first heard it, it was something of an abstract concept that validated my choice of instrument. it was a cool idea. it meant that the […]

chord four mostly west coast summer tour dates

we’ve got instruments, music, vehicles, victuals and venues; time to use them.   chord four‘s going touring. here’s the skinny:   May 12th: Santa Barbara New Music Series Muddy Waters 508 E. Haley St., Santa Barbara, CA 8:00pm $8 Cover   May 13th (with Dillon Johnson): St. Lukes Episcopal Church 5318 Palma Ave., Atascadero, CA […]