Monthly Archives: June 2011

pickled ginger 8 & 9

  i meant to call, really i did. i didn’t want to distract from the mini-music adventures. anyhow, here’s two more pickled gingers. they’re tiny music also. please take them if you’re so inclined, and use them however you see fit. cheers! (psst–someone else somewhere knows we’re here! check it out here, we’re linked in […]

40-odd ways of looking at snow 3

  day two done. this is gonna be really neat. i’m excited to show you. today we captured: daniel shifren, adam ratner, michael mull, steven blum, otto ehling, louis lopez, andrew conrad, and chris kallmyer. my dad peter woodford engineered the sessions, and more than rose to the awful challenge of 19 2-minute solo pieces […]

40-odd ways of looking at snow 2

day one done. i have talented friends. thanks to brendan carn, dave tranchina, jake rosenzweig, brandon schmidt, richard valitutto, cathlene pineda, michael lockwood, and matty harris. music was made, food and drink were had. success.

40-odd ways of looking at snow 1

tomorrow i begin documenting the musical abuse of some 42 talented friends. i was very fortunate to do a month-long artist residency in Hameenkyrö, Finland, through Arteles. among the projects i worked on there was one i’m now calling ’40-odd ways of looking at snow.’ the project was to write at least one piece less […]

pickled gingers 6 & 7

  greetings ginger fans. we haven’t spoken in a while, so, in an attempt to buy your forgiveness, here’s not one but two tiny musics for you to take, look at, play, laugh about, et al. i hope you like them. talk to you soon, okay buhbye! here’s where you can find other gingers: 1 […]

pickled ginger 5

  back from santa cruz where my sister graduated with a degree in anthropology. i sang the tune, but the joke was somehow lost. anyhow, more in the pickled ginger series! tiny music that does not develop, does not have a form other than itself, and that exists only in itself. please feel free to […]

harry houdini’s helpful hints

harry houdini is awesome. aside from being a world-class magician, escape artist, and master of early mass marketing; houdini was a voracious reader, major benefactor of children’s charities, passionate debunker of spiritualists, thiefs, and bunco men, and encyclopedia of the history of his chosen profession. in light of the skirball center’s current show, ‘Houdini: art […]

pickled ginger 4

  wash down that dense 15′ of heady new music with 5” of ginger. (imagine measuring cooking ingredients in time! (fortnight of duck breast, hot minute each of grainy mustard and mint, new york minute of cayenne, 45seconds of allspice, just-5-more-minutes of garlic and shallots. color duck with spices, pan sear for 24-inches each side, […]

1 longer, 3 shorter

  in the battle against boring music, humans who showcase especially different sounds are members of an elite squad known as the ‘college radio dj.’ this is one of their stories: [DUNH-DUNH] in mid-march of this year, chris kallmyer and i were invited to do a 20-minute set for pomona college radio station kspc on […]

pickled ginger 3

  more free micro-music to cleanse your aural palette. please take them to use for those awkward ten seconds when a dirty joke just won’t do. stay tuned for the next exciting installment. pickled ginger 1 & pickled ginger 2