Monthly Archives: July 2011

40-odd ways of looking at snow 4

just completed day three of this phase of the project. lending me their talents were: jim foschia (once and future teacher, current employer and sensei), jon armstrong, cassia streb, lauren baba, and carter wallace. it’s been very rewarding so far; every piece has sounded better under these players’ capable hands than in my culpable ears. […]

pickled ginger 11

  it has been 23 days since the last pickled ginger post. you might think this is because i’ve been moving and therefore too busy (read: lazy) to take the five minutes to transcribe one of these pieces from my notebook onto nice paper and then scan it so it can be put on the […]

good news, everyone

  i was accepted to the long beach sounwalk, put on by the art group FLOOD!!! huzzah! the series of pieces they accepted is called ‘what if it sounded like…’ stay tuned for more information! there will be vinyl. …and typography, and imagined sounds.

P!G TH!NG // starch wreck

greetings, friendsssss. my friend brendan carn is on residency at the arteles creative center in hameenkyrö, finland, the same place i was at last february. the countryside looks very different now. one of the projects he’s engineered is P!G TH!NG. it is described on the facebook event as follows: ‘P!G TH!NG is a performative, interactive, […]

key-word signatures

from time to time i play language games with myself. for example, take any two words out of that sentence, and it’s ridiculous. one of my  favorites is what i guess you’d call ‘exclusionary language.’ you may know it in the vernacular, ‘don’t say “shit” in front of this person,’ or, ‘don’t say “shit” until […]

pickled ginger 10

  i like this one a lot. imagine your local chamber orchestra just finished l’histoire du soldat or one of the brandenburg’s, and then they all stood up and did this. click the ‘pickled ginger’ category in the sidebar to see the entries with the first 9. please feel free to take this, and use […]

radio music at the moca

  this coming sunday, july 3rd, i’m playing digital radio on a piece by a good friend casey anderson. this will take place in the rauschenberg room at the museum of contemporary art in california as a part of a day of sound programming curated by the wulf. below is the schedule. this will be […]