Monthly Archives: August 2011

the last pickled gingers

  well, our delicious 3ish-month-long sushi meal has come to a close. here are the last two in a series of 13 micro-musicks that i imagine as functioning the same way pickled ginger does in a meal–a palette cleanser. as with the other 11, these are free for you to take and use whenever and […]

p!g th!ng recap

  i’ll say this right up front: there are pictures of a whole pig being cooked over an open fire. if you’re squeamish, stop at the end of the text. among the things that happened in july was P!G TH!NG. roughly, this was an event where a 154lb pig was slow-cooked over 16 hours, and […]

show tonight (if it’s still 8/18/11)

  quick reminder that ‘woodford, ehling, ratner & wallace’ is playing tonight for the 17th annual culver city music festival in front of the city hall. totally free, all-ages. we’re playing with dwight trible. he’s wonderful. if you can come, it’d be lovely to see you.   woodford, ehling, ratner & wallace, with dwight trible […]

with the law firm at city hall

  o hello. i didn’t see you come in. in high school, i met otto ehling. he is a prodigious pianist in both romantic classical and jazz worlds. we’ve remained close friends since. about the same time, i met the wonderful bass player carter wallace, who was then getting his undergrad degree with a mutual […]

surprise gig and new tracks

good news everyone! there’s a last minute gig for ‘the sogo takeover’ (the afrobeat band) tonight, thursday, august 11, at the 111 art space in downtown los angeles. its a part of the los angeles artwalk, which is always fun, and which also means theres a food truck gathering on fourth st, near bar 107. […]