Monthly Archives: December 2011

somewhen, things to overcome, party

somewhen or other: partial list of days it is today all dates ‘m/d/y’ unless noted   –gregorian (pope gregory, also of gregorian chant fame), solar: 12/31/2011 –julian (caesar, that is), solar: 12/18/2011 –hebrew, solar-lunar: 10/5/5772 –islamic, lunar: 2/5/1433 –french republican (failed, but became the metric system), astronomical: 4/1.10 [tenth day of first 10 day week […]

lady gaga vs the mcdonalds cheeseburger

a billboard near my house for the famous burger reads: ‘built for your cravings.’ that’s as close to truth in advertising as i’ve seen. the burger is designed and, crucially, consistently executed with enough fat, salt, and sugar to provide an extremely flavorful and instantly gratifying food experience, with ingredients sourced and purchased in such […]