Monthly Archives: June 2012

ods ep3,

  hi, i have to run, but here’s a piece i’ve been working up. i hope you like it. if you do, tell your friends.    

ODS episode 2, free kerd ferr ep

  part 2 in a series of tiny video solos. please share if you like it. thanks. nailed it. i’m interested in how these will fare in all the hyper-masculine drum tutorial/cover/chops worship areas of the youtubes.   also, please consider downloading chord fours new ep, ‘nothing everywhere.’ you can get it for free here. […]

chord four ep release show at the blue whale

  ladies and gentleman, two events timed themselves perfectly so we can give you a special and exciting night of music: firstly, we (chord four) have just finished our EP, ‘Nothing Everywhere,’ the first studio follow-up to our eponymous debut record. secondly, the kind and inimitable Rocco Somazzi offered us a slot in his monthly […]

i’m back, now with more video

  first and foremost, i haven’t forgotten about you. i’ve been both busy and lazy, but i haven’t forgotten. announcing ‘Other Drum Solos,’ a small series of small drum solo videos, to be released on the weekly. here’s the first of them, using a little machine i got as a gift from my parents. video […]