Monthly Archives: July 2012

i have a kickstarter (help if you like); here’s why

  howdy, to help raise some funds for and awareness of my cymbal project, i’ve just launched a kickstarter. kickstarter is a crowd-sourced fundraiser platform, the donations take place over (in my case) 30 days, and if i don’t raise my goal within that time frame, i receive no funds at all. kickstarter is a […]

ODS 6, housekeepingish

  hi again, i forgot to tell you about a gig last night at zanzibar in santa monica with the sogo takeover, a part of their ‘afro funke’ series. there was a really solid crowd, and three audience-requested encores broke our previous record of two. i’ll work on that. apparently someone from the local npr […]

ods 5 – an afrobeat remix of john cage

    john cage would probably hate this. so might tony allen. not sure about ms knowles.   click the ‘other drum solos’ category to your right to see more. share if you like them. thanks.

anthropic ensemble, sogo takeover gigs and records

  hiya. so, my on again off again roommate maxwell gualtieri (guitar) has formed a quartet with andrew conrad (clarinet, also of chord four) and emilio terranova (bass). we play the original music of max, and a couple of mine, the latter written initially for a bassless band, so it’s been fun seeing how the […]

whimsy, ods 4

  i’m not infrequently told my music has a sense of humor, and i’m never sure how to take that: there are loads of pieces i find funny simply because they take themselves so seriously (most of lizst, most gospel, the false modesty of most mainstream country, the false immodesty of most mainstream hiphop), there […]