Monthly Archives: August 2012

kicked in the starter

  hi folks, yesterday around supper time, while playing cribbage and cooking pasta, my kickstarter campaign ended and i had not met my funding goal. so firstly, if you donated, your cards will not be charged. secondly and most importantly, thank you so much for your generosity. i received support from old friends, kind strangers, […]

the final drum solo; cymbals; how a gig went

  hi there. my friend brandon sherman is in town, and we’re rehearsing music for the next chord four record. excite. also, his wife knit (or crocheted…?) slippers for our house. more excite. last week i had a show that you can read about here. it was a lot of fun–it was very well attended, […]

gig at boston court, another other drum solo

hi folks, tomorrow night is the gig with the above band, at the above venue, for the jazz bakery. click here for the bakery’s site with more information. i’ve just come from a rehearsal for this show, and it’ll be a real good time. please come if you haven’t somewhere else to be. here is […]

dos videos, y some shows

  heya, last week i forgot to post that weeks ‘other drum solo’ for you, so it’s at the bottom of this post. here’s this weeks video.   in other news, i have a show coming up on august 11th at boston court, with otto ehling, carter wallace, and adam ratner, joined on vocals by […]