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two & three-part [human] inventions

  two-part structures (less interesting, more divisive):   east/west apollo/dionysus athens/jersusalem left/right subjective/objective dog person/cat person   three-part structures (more interesting, less divisive):   in magic: the pledge, the turn, the prestige in music: the exposition, the development, the recapitulation in music: the concept, the composing, the piece in comedy: the premise, the set-up, the […]


i don’t think i have anything to say that you haven’t already felt, so my posting this here is only because of the very human instinct to make something, anything, in the wake of cruelty. as a musician the first instinct is to make music, or an artistic gesture of some kind. that’s the way […]

so far

in hopes that my article in this months modern drummer magazine will bring new people to this wholly unsacred place, i’m pretty shamelessly summing up what’s happened to this point. i’ve made two free internet based series’ of music. first was the ‘pickled ginger’ series–13 10-second-or-less pieces as a palette cleanser. second, the ‘other drum […]