things people have said


‘well, you’re not a jazz drummer’ –John Riley; vanguard jazz orchestra

‘well, you’re not a classical percussionist’ –Raynor Carroll; los angeles philharmonic

‘that’s the most music i’ve heard anybody make on drums’ –Ed Cory; guitar faculty, university of nevada at reno

‘a sublime listening experience.’ –Dwight Trible; pharoah sanders, charles lloyd

for ‘metal circles//sound spheres’

‘The main attraction, as far as my wife and I were concerned, was a solo performance by Colin Woodford on a single cymbal […] The exploration was musical, not physical, and the performance was permeated by sensitivity and intent. Tones were treated with care, themes were stated and developed, and each phase of the performance seemed a comfortable length. All this […] made for a sublime experience that crossed intense musical listening with a light-hearted enjoyment of just being.’ –Michael Mull; composer, saxophonist

‘The sound/noise/music drifted through the museum and drew people like a magnet to the terrace performance. It was amazing what Colin could pull from this cymbal – it was at times ambient and drony and then in the next moment energized and chaotic. The audience was mesmerized and the space was completely transformed.  But what was so unexpected is how visually pleasing –minimal and sculptural–the set up was.  I walked away wishing we had another two hours of Colin and the cymbal.’ –Elizabeth Cline; curator of public engagement, hammer museum

‘Colin Woodford’s work for solo percussion creates an expansive cloud of sound which plays with our perception of time, space, and consciousness.’ –Mark Allen; director, machine project

for ‘chord four’

‘[…]this band will keep you on the edge of your seat like a spy novel. […] this group of talented twentysomethings features some of the most compelling new jazz music in L.A., with enough structure to follow where they want to go yet free enough to not predict where they’re headed. A true sonic page-turner, hopefully with more chapters to come.’ –Gary Fukushima in LAWeekly; Darek Oles, John Daversa, piano faculty at CalState Northridge

‘Most American groups seem to be based around one performer or they are collectives of well established leaders. Chord Four, I hope will break this trend. Their debut is an impressive mixture of free form and access that will hopefully spread over the course the year. Here’s to hoping the band get the chance to tour and impress audiences even more than on record.’ Vern on JazzWrap; you can read the whole review here.

‘The creative energy and ensemble work generated by this collective is truly innovative and engaging. Its so wonderful to hear such fresh music played with vigor and total commitment to the moment.’ –Larry Koonse; Lee Konitz, Charlie Haden, Larry Goldings

‘Really dug the record, good tunes and you guys really improvise well together. Sounds like a band. Not common with modern jazz records!’ –Nate Wood; kneebody

‘Your music really helped people pay attention to the colors in my work.’ –Lukas Blok; award winning color-field artist