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photo by peter woodford


if you’re into that kind of thing.

usual drums: (depth x diameter in inches)

10×14 1956 ludwig marching snare (mahogany with maple hoops), grover cable snares. medium tension.

8×10  and 14×14 toms, 16×18 bass drum. very high, very low, and very low tension, respectively. all made by my father and me from keller mahogany shells with maple reinforcement hoops; roundover and 45 degree bearing edges. aquarian brand ‘modern vintage’ on batter, ‘classic clear’ on resonant.


20” instanbul agop ‘traditional’ ride

20” instanbul agop ‘turk’ flat ride

14” ‘a’ zildjian hi-hat — thin suspended top with primer on inside of bow, extra thin bottom

6” stagg cup chime, inverted on top of flat ride