metal circles//sound spheres


i play a normal cymbal very quietly, using normal striking implements, and normal playing techniques, for a long time. it is picked up by a normal microphone and run through a normal amplifier. there are beautiful sounds in there. because you’ve been nice enough to make it here, here’s a link to download one part of a solo cymbal record i made, which is yet to be released. tell your friends. clicking this will start the download.


chord four

four (five) real good friends making good music. good creative improvisational music. we have an album and ep out; you can stream and download them here. here is the first track from the record, a piece of mine:



40-odd ways of looking at snow

each day for a month in finland i woke up, wrote a piece no longer than 2 minutes for a friend, and sent it immediately. recordings are being compiled, and hopefully a book of scores is also forthcoming. the idea was to be able to create music i like in states of mind other than ‘inspired,’ for example ‘content,’ ‘sleepy,’ ‘hungover,’ ‘happy, but disinterested in writing music at the moment.’


toh kay

the frontman for ska band streetlight manifesto, tomas kalnoky, has embarked on an acoustic project with me and fellow rhythm sectioneer brandon schmidt. our debut record, ‘the hand that thieves,’ is a companion record to the streetlight manifesto record, ‘the hands that thieve’–all the same songs presented in drastically different ways. it was smashed by the label, so click the picture. we have a new record out now, called you by me volume 2.



persian inflected rock and roll. first of two ep’s is out on soundcloud.



klezmer inflected rock band. we made a record, and it’s out on pfmentum.





bonus: my soundcloud

i post all manner of musical thing here. big group, small group, composed, improvised, fast, slow, etc.


supermegabonus (misc)

these chimes sound like flowerpots. these flowerpots sound like chimes. you can download this one. made in residence in finland.



i’ve been lucky to be invited as a guest artist/lecturer to pomona city college, university of nevada at reno, cuesta college, california lutheran university, university of nevada at las vegas, and jyväskylä university, as well as many california high schools and workshops for children through 826LA. These have been as a solo performer, or lecturing on ‘sound in space,’ ‘language and music,’ ‘the importance of improvisation,’ and as a percussion and rhythm section coach for both classical and jazz ensembles. i am available for private instruction.