please meet the STATE SCHOOL STOMP

    also on the soundcloud, but they’re being weird about the cover art, so it’s not posted here presently. thank you for coming, and i hope you like it. if you do, please pass it along.

a sarah palin transcription

let’s make a song instructions

  ahoy. if you’ve arrived at this post, you likely linked here from a youtube video. thanks for that. i have no earthly idea what shape if any this thing will take, but i figure i’ll nip a crazy amount of work in the bud this way.   if you want to add a part, […]

Practical Compassion 2

  hello all. i’ve made a thing for us to listen to. if you have headphones or non-laptop speakers it will work better. i also finally sat down and battled youtubes ridiculously inane backend for 90 minutes so i can post there again. many of the soundcloud files are now there as well, so if […]

superficialityexpialidocious and middle man

  hello all, i’ve had two days off in a row for the first time in ages, and i finally sat down and fought youtubes backend for 90 minutes, dealing with three different accounts, the google+ integration and pseudo-un-integration, authorizing blah blah and so on. but i got a bunch of the things from my […]


  often in musicland we see or hear of someone trashed for what is usually described as a lack of professionalism. this happens also in administration or business enterprises, and indeed i have been both victim and victimizer. we are made to think that professionalism–the quality of being a professional–is a byword for equanimity, comity, […]

i’m happy to see you

  i really really like Brandon Sherman and his lovely wife. so when they made a tiny baby, i sent him a tiny welcome note, including a tiny piece of music. i then was given an opportunity to make my friends play that piece of music at a house concert, which was recorded. i think […]

marsh warbler

hello. i’ve made you an interesting thing; click the picture above to hear it. since our last meeting, i was interviewed by a las vegas jazz publication, co-produced and played on part of a three-cd set of music for the university, and have picked up subbing work on a couple more shows. things are okay […]

sports are a way to win at art

1: they’re both kind of useless if we put aside the psychological and physiological good the arts engender across history and culture (what we in america like to think of as the stuff getting in the way of progress), and the economic good the arts engender despite being actively discouraged (in 2011 art made up […]

affliction: entropy / prescription: grids

          new thing. Jim Foschia lends his talent and expertise to the clarinet part. clicking the image takes you to the music. if you like it, please share it.       thanks for coming, and i hope you’re well!